Saturday, March 21, 2020


Due to the Covid-19 virus, the State of Illinois has ordered all non-essential businesses to close down until April 7th. That includes Knuckleduster Miniatures!

I have disabled the payment methods in the shopping cart till this is over, but you can still browse the catalog and get product information, as well as download PDFs, etc.

The good news is, you can still order from the following retailers, who are well-stocked with the latest releases:

The Game Industry's Favorite Ebay Retailer

Europe and the UK
 US-Based Retailer With Today's Hottest Games

 Your Hobby Place, with loads of historical minis and popular game systems of every genre.

 Great Folks, Nice Store, and our HMGS Show Reps
 I Was a Customer Long Before I Was A Vendor of Theirs

 Stay safe, everyone, and visit us on facebook for the latest news.

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