Wednesday, October 4, 2017


In anticipation of our November Kickstarter, Knuckleduster has released a simplified version of the game called "Gunfighter's Ball, Greenhorn Edition." The release includes:

1. Rules PDF with a version of Gunfighter's Ball for beginners. Advanced rules from the upcoming Judge's Guide are not included, but the Greenhorn Edition is a complete, self-contained game.

2. Quick-Play sheet PDF with the basic charts needed for play.

3. Three starter scenarios that range from a dirt-simple grudge match to a big gunfight spanning an entire town.

4. Generic character cards, in printable form and in jpeg format for those of you who want to modify the cards to include photos of miniatures.

A set of the dice needed for play has also been released. This set features 4D6s, 2D10s (one ivory and one black), and a cubic D3 (1-1-2-2-3-3).


You'll get a zip file with the rules, quick-play sheet, scenarios, and character cards. Unzip them and start playing!



  1. My grandsons (6 & 10) have played a couple rounds. I like the mechanics. The improvements to Desperado are worthwhile. The poker chip hit points work better than the old system.
    A couple items: I'm sure firearms enthusiasts will quibble all night about relative range & accuracy of this gun vs that one, and I don't want to go there. But I think there should be more diff between the repeater rifle and the single-shot hunting rifle. I'd expect the hunting rifle to have longer range and better percentages at long and extreme range. The person using it is going to spend half their time reloading anyway. Also, shotgun vs sawed-off need more difference. Better % at short, dropping off very quickly on accuracy and damage. I'm hoping you'll include some stats for special weapons like the LeMat.
    One other change I'm doing in my house: I am NOT using the character cards with preprinted weapons. I created a template in Microsoft Publisher for a business-card-size Weapon card. I have a picture of the weapon (.45 Colt Peacemaker, Repeating Rifle, Shotgun etc.) and its range/%-to-hit stats. This makes it MUCH easier to "pick up" weapons off the battlefield.

  2. I like the idea of the weapon cards. We're working on a deck of weapons and equipment (like the LeMat) with the stats printed right on the card so you don't have to consult the charts. Unfortunately, it won't be ready for the Kickstarter, but will be an add-on at a later date.

  3. By the way, there are special bystander/collateral damage rules for the scattergun.

  4. The more I look at the charts the more I think we made a copy-and-paste error on the hunting rifle line. You're right, and we'll correct that the next posting and in the main rules.