Monday, September 11, 2017

Coming Soon, the Gunfighter's Ball Kickstarter!


Finally, the Kickstarter that will bring together all the pieces of the Gunfighter's Ball system into one Wild West game. This will include:
  • The core rules, also known as the Judge's Guide, which covers basic rules, advanced rules, character-building, faction-building, and scenarios.
  • New, unreleased metal and resin models.
  • An expansion of the Gunfighter's Ball building kits, including a large saloon with accessories, an even larger livery stable, and a jail house, all with the signature multi-media construction style that utilizes metal cast detail parts in conjunction with traditional MDF framing.
  • A full color card deck that includes photos and stats for every model Knuckleduster produces and  expansion card packs for the newest figures.
Stay tuned for updates!

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